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Sodium copper chlorophyll


It is a kind of natural edible pigment extracted from plants rich in chlorophyll. The main compositions are disodium copper chlorophyll and trisodium copper chlorophyll. The powder from Kelly to darkslategray is soluble in water, but insoluble in oil. At PH 7.0 or above, it is green and stable. Its main compents are chlorophyll A(R=CH3) and chlorophyll A(R=CH10) 

Character  Dark green powder. Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and chloroform . Water solution: transparent jade green, without sediment.  


As a type of medical material, it can treat chronic and acute hepatitis, migratory hepatitis and hepatomegaly. It also promotes recovery of the liver's function, fastening healing of stomach ulcers and intestine ulcers.

As a food and foodstuff pigment, it is widely used in cakes, beverages, sweets, ice-cream et

As a daily-used chemicals, it is used in green toothpaste and cosmetics; having obvious functions on the pericementum, oral cavity ulcers, and halitosis. .

Oil-Soluble Chlorophyll

Specification: Dark green ,Insoluble in water , easily soluble in ethyl ether, benzene, white oil as well as other organic solvents; without sediment.

Application: Mainly used in daily-use chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals and the foodstuff industry.

Packing: Out packing: 25kg net plastic drum

Storage  Sealed, avoid light, store in cool and dry place


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