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Cosmetic grade sericite mica 
Commodity:         sericite mica powder
CAS Number:      12001-26-2
INCI name:            Mica
Einecs Number:  301-127-6
Sericite micais a natural fine grained mica, belonging to the mica group, either muscovite, illite, or paragonite. The minerals have a layered structure of aluminum silicate sheets (The above picture 1 is electronic microscope picture of wet method sericite mica), weakly bonded together by layers of ions. It has pearl luster and silky testure.
 Benefit for cosmetic
1. Pure Natural,safe to skin
2.  Smooth, soft, silk-like texture
3.  Natural gloss
4.  Transparency                                                                                     
Characteristic of our mica  
1.  Pure natural,
2.    Very thin, flat and smooth surface
3.    Excellent skin adhension
4.     High spread
5.     Good transparency
Achieve high quality mica powder with very thin and fine, flat surface and high aspect ratio . 
Process characteristic
1.     Stone mill grinding.In order to keep luster of natural seriicte mica and silk-like flexibility, we grinding mica by stone milling, with manpower.
2.     Our natural sericite mica hardly contains heavy metal
3.      Wet-process to remove impurities with high mica purity, fine granular at narrow size scope.
4.   Our control system of particle size is very accurate and sophisticated at 4 kinds of methods.
a. By Sieve
b. By control of rational speed.,
c. By control natural sedimentation time.
d. Strictly inspect by advanced particle analysis instrument 
Mica powder can be used forLoose & pressed makeup powders, color cosmetics (lipsticks, eye shadow), creams, lotions, Powder foundation, soap and more.

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