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Grape seed extract( Polyphenol, proanthocyanidin)


The Grape Seed extract is a new type of efficient anti-oxidant, it has the strongest effect among all of the

current free radicals clearance and it is very active inside the body.


Products characteristics:

1. All kinds of specification of grape seed extract, ,high quality can meet different customers’ requirement.

a. .OPCs ≥ 95%,Polyphenol 40-95% 

b .Water-Soluble  OPCs ≥ 95%, Polyphenol 40-90%

2. The raw material is adopt from the excellent grape seed, and it is free of pestiside.

3. The extraction process ionly use water and ethanol to ensure the safety of the product.

4. The oligomers content is very high to ensure the unit proanthocyanidin's treatment.

5. Low ashand impurity. Heavy metal residue is lower than 10ppm.

6. It has good solubility in water and ethanol, so it was widely used in different fields.


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