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ß-Carotene is a strongly-coloured red-orange pigment It is a product produced with modern biotechnology, adoption of natural material and through fermentation and refinement. As a product of microbial metabolism, it contains abundant ß-Carotene and some metabolism precursor materials including over 10 carotenoids such as ζ-Carotene, β-cryptoflavin, canthaxanthin, zeaxanthin and etc. Its molecular structure is based on all-trans-ß-Carotene including a few 9-cis-ß-Carotene, 13-cis-ß-Carotene and 15-cis-ß-Carotene structures, giving it chemical attributes and physiological functions different from those of synthetic substance. abundant in plants and fruits.
ß-Carotene is both a precursor of vitamin A and an antioxidant. As one-molecule ß-Carotene can be transferred to two-molecule vitamin A, it offers much nutrition necessary for humans and animals and is acknowledged as A nutritious food addictive by Food Addictive Expert Consortium of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization and approved by 52 countries and regions. Natural ß-Carotene is easy for absorption by human body and provided with better anti-oxidation.  
It has been listed in THE UNITED STATES PHARMACOPOEIA (USP), BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA (BP) and EUROPEAN PHARMACOPOEIA (UP) and certified by US Food and Drug Administration as food, pharmacy, forage and cosmetics.

Functions of ß-Carotene

◆  Protect visual system;

◆  Health protection for skin tissue;

◆  Delay aging and reduce morbidity rate;

◆  Health protection for procreation system;

◆  Aid human growth and development and help fight against adverse environment;

◆  Sound coloring performance.

   Purpose and market potential
◆   Both as coloring and nutrition addition agent
ß-Carotene is a colorant with strong staining capability that covers from yellow to red, stains evenly and harmonizes with kalium, zinc, calcium and other elements without being stained, making it especially suitably applied in child food. It is extensively applied in food industry.
◆   As oral taking health care product
It helps protect normal functions of visual system, skin tissue and procreation system as it can be transferred to vitamin A in human body, in addition to its promotion of human growth and development, aging delay and protection against adverse environment.
◆  As forage addition agent
It i mproves egg-laying ability of hen and helps hen lay eggs with darker yellow yolk, and obviously improves ox procreation system and propagation ability. Besides, it enhances animals’ immunity and protects animals against freeradical harm.  
◆  Others
Latest studies show it reduces cancer rate as lung cancer, stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, urinary bladder cancer, cervical cancer and buccal cancer and especially produces outstanding effects against lung cancer. Additionally it aids in cancer treatment and well prevents heartbraindiseases. Apart from these, it is used to treat Erythropoiesis EP (E-porphyrin), ascariasis, senile cataract, long-unrooted psoriasis, non-healing after-operation scar and etc.
Some other studies show antioxidant vitamin daubed on skin not only prevents ultraviolet harm, but promotes recovery of existing scar to maintain elasticity of skin, reduce proliferation of new wrinkles by 23% and reduce existing wrinkles by 8%, which make it more and more be applied in cosmetics and other emerging markets. 
We can supply natural ß-Carotene series in powder, emulsion, oil suspensionand concentration with the aim to meet your needs.
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