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Cocoa Color


General Name  Cocoa Color

Appearance     A brown-colored powder with a faint characteristic odor
Composition    Natural substances 100%
Cocoa color is extracted from the seed capsule of the cocoa tree of the phoenix tree family. The pigment is mainly made up of polyhydroxybenzene galactocuronic glycoside .It can be kept for a long time without fading and the tone is stable
Natural and bright color
Pure natural product and safe from side effects
Good stability in light, heat and pigmentation
Wide scope of pH between 5.5 and 10 in most food.application
High solubility in water. Not soluble in oils and ether.
All the metal ions except Fe2+,Cu2+ give no effect on stability.
Application   Applied in freezing food, candy, meat, milk, chocolate, tinned fish, tinned meat, orally take juice without sugar, sugarcoat of medicine, ice cream, etc.
material to be colored
Usage   Please dilute in water, and adjust the color value according to the

Storage  Sealed, avoid light, store in cool and dry place .It could be kept one year if sealed


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