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Wolfberry extract -- Wolfberry polysaccharide


Name  Wolfberry P.E

Botanical Name  Lycium barbarum L.

Sources]:  fruit

Appearance: Light yellow-brown fine powder


Function and Application
The polysaccharide is extracted from Ningxia wolfberry (Lycium barbarum L.), which is one of the important effective compositions in this valuable fruit. It is characterized by its protein content, which is very rare in vegetarian polysaccharides. Wolfberry polysaccharide can help upgrade human immunity. It has the functions of preventing & curing cancers, strengthening hematopoiesis, nourishing liver, lowering blood pressure and promoting cell activity. No side-effect has ever been found. Wolfberry polysaccharide can control the division and differentiation of cells, and regulate the growth and consenescence of cells. Therefore, wolfberry polysaccharide has been widely used in pharmacy manufacture and healthy food processing.


Quality and Specifications
Polysaccharide 20%-90% UV


Product characteristics
a. Raw materials from Ningxia wolfberry
b. Possess diverse specifications, also could offer the special one as required

c. The extract solvent is only with water and ethanol; which ensure the safety of the product.
High purity, non-pollution and good solubility.


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