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Rhodiola P.E. 

Latin Name           Rhodiolarosea.L
Plant Description:   (Golden Root, Roseroot) is a plant in the Crassulaceae family that grows in cold regions of the world.

Use part:        It is extracted from the root of Rhodiola crenulate.

Active Ingredients:  salisorosides rosavin

Specification        Rosavin 3% (HPLC)
Physical and Chemical Properties molecular formulaC20H28O10 
                                                                    molecular weight

Traditional Usage:

In application of traditional Chinese medical science, it is mainly to invigorate the circulation of blood, get hemostasia, clean lung and relieve cough, cure hemoptysis, pneumonia and leukorrhea.

Used for build up the immunity of the body, boost up the constitution. Improve the inginery of hemopoiesis. stand against the weak of oxygen, caducity, tumor,  fatigue ,reduce the blood sugar stand against the virus, radiation,defend the  altitude striss and so on.

Storage Keep away from the direct sunlight

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