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Origin:                Milk Thistle, Blessed Thistle 

Latin Name:      Silybum marianum G  

Effective part:  Seeds 

Silymarin(Extracted with Ethanol) 

Silymarin extracted with Ethanol is snuff color powder, bitter in taste. It is extracted with Ethanol, this solve the problem of residual organic solvents, and make the Silymarin more safety to the human body, and it is the better raw material of drug and food.

Specification: Silymarin Flavone≥70% 

Silymarin(Extracted with Ethyl Acetate)

Ethyl Acetate has the characteristic of lower toxicity compares with Acetone, and it can extract higher assay Silymarin than Ethanol. So Silymarin extracted with Ethyl Acetate is the first choice of lower toxicity of organic residue solvents and higher flavone among Silymarin products.

Specification: Silymarin Flavone≥80%

Silymarin (Extracted with Acetone ) 

Water Soluble Silymarin(Silymarin soluble)
Yellow powder ,odorless, bitter in taste, water soluble.


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