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Erythritol – Taking maize starch as raw material

chemical name        1,2,3,4-Butanetetraol
Molecular formula   C4H10O4,
Molecular weight    122.12,
melting point            118℃-122℃,
boiling point              329-331℃
expectation life:36 month, is powder with a transparent white brilliant appearance, tastes sweet slightly, crystallizes easily and feels pleasantly cool, relative sweet degree 0.7 or so, non-caloric, only one of ten caloric ability compared with cane sugar.
Erythritol is a new kind of nutrition edulcorator characterizing good thermo-stability, bad accessibility, low ice point, it has broad application fields such as food, medicine, cosmetics, chemical industry,etc.
Erythiritol is used in food manufacturing such as baking and roasting foods, cakes, dairy produce, chocolate, all kinds candies, dessert, gum, soft drink, ice-cream etc. which keeps foods good in color, sweet-smelling, sapor and prevent foods from deterioration.
Erythritol can not be degraded by enzyme, so it is very suitable for patients suffering diabetes because of no catabolism. It is also made into low-caloric health food, as the substitute of cane sugar, suitable for patients suffering obesity, hypertension, cardiac disease.
Erythritol cann’t ferment in colon, so it has the function to proliferate clearly bifidobacterium, avoid gastroenteric discomfort and enhance the immune ability.
Erythritol resists decayed tooth effectively, caused mainly by streptococcus eroding tooth enamel, because erythritol can not be used by streptococcus, the candies and special tooth purificant made by using erythitol has an active function for children’s nonnasality health.


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