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is a naturally occurring mineral with many unique characteristics.  Through advanced processing, its properties become valuable in a variety of end-use applications.  Wollastonite increases the performance of many products including plastics, coating, friction, refractory, construction, elastomer, sealants, and many other applications. 

One of wollastonite's most unusual characteristics is its ability to cleave into needle-like crystals.  Its high aspect-ratio fibrous particles are what make it useful in many physical reinforcement applications. 

Wollastonite’s unique chemistry makes it a highly valued source of CaO and SiO2, in nearly equal proportions.  Additionally, the surface treatment of wollastonite leads to superior performance in its use with a wide variety of organic systems.



When pure, the mineral is brilliantly white, the lustre is glassy to silky (vitreous to pearly). Lustre is important in applications such as plastics, paints and coatings as it in turn imparts lustre to surface finishes.



  The dry brightness and whiteness of wollastonite are important in determining its suitability for certain filler and ceramic applications.


Melting Point  

The melting point for pure wollastonite is generally accepted as being 1540℃. Melting point is important for end-uses such as ceramics, metallurgical fluxes, and heat or fire-resistance.


Thermal Expansion

  A characteristically low coefficient of thermal expansion combined with aspect-ratio, impart high thermal shock resistance and dimensional stability in high temperature applications such as fire-resistant board or refractory linings.


Particle Shape

   High aspect-ratio is important in filler applications as it has a mechanical reinforcing effect. High aspect-ratio products are used as functional fillers for reinforcing thermoplastic and thermoset polymer compounds. In cement-based products, high aspect wollastonite is also added for it’s reinforcing effect as a replacement for asbestos. Being thermally stable, wollastonite fibers also impart high temperature stability to both organic resin and cement products.


Chemical Properties 

Wollastonite is a valued source of chemically combined CaO and SiO2.  Its high CaO content gives it a natural, low temperature flux important in steel manufacturing.  This mineral is the preferred raw material source of CaO in ceramic glazes and frits.  Wollastonite’s alkaline nature acts as an anti-corrosive agent in paints and coatings.


Surface coating wollastonite  

Surface chemistry is important in applications where wollastonite is added as a reinforcement in other materials. Coupling agents or surface-modifiers enhance the performance of wollastonite in the matrix. Generally surface treatment of wollastonite is to enhance its role as a functional filler in plastics however, it can also be important in other materials systems.

The properties of filled plastics can be significantly improved by surface treatment of the filler minerals. Surface treatment of wollastonite with coupling agents enables a superior bond with the resin. Stronger bonding with the matrix enhances mechanical properties, reduces shrinkage, increases weather resistance, and lessens or eliminates surface or internal defects. In addition, surface treated wollastonite permits higher filler loadings; improves dispersion; and improves powder flow characteristics, as well as flow during mixing and molding in compounding system


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