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Sericite mica


It is s one kind of natural muscovites (alumino-silicate). The minerals have a layered structure of aluminum silicate sheets.
The Sericite mica belongs to the monocline crystal, the crystal for scaled, has silk-like the luster The aspect ratio >80, specific gravity 2.6~2.7, hardness 2~3, rich elasticity, easy curving, the abrasion resistance and the resistance to wear are good, the higher heat-resisting insulation, is difficult to dissolve in the acid and alkali solution, the chemical property is stable. Test data: The elasticity coefficient is 1505~2134MPa, heatproof quality 500~600 oC, thermal conductivity 0.419~0.670 W.(m.K)-1, electric insulation properties 200kv/Mm, anti- radioactive 5×1014 thermal neutron/ cm22 to degree of illumination.
Moreover, with similar mineral composition and structure to Kaolin, sericite mica also has some properties of clay, as good dispersibility in aqueous medium and in the organic solvent, certain viscosity, white color and fine granular. Therefore, sericite mica has many kinds of characteristics not only mica mineral and also clay mineral.
Specially, our sericite is purified by wet-process.


Main difference between the dry and wet method process
Dry process is unable to reject mineral impurity and so on associated the quartz, the product purity low, the quality fluctuation big, what is more essential is that the sheet structure of sericite mica is destroyed because dry- grinding, affects the product quality and the application. The wet method process after the dressing, except mixed concentrates, product purity high, quality stable, at the same time the sheet structure obtains well protects, ratio of diameter to thick big. Therefore wet method process product receives more attention.

Characteristic of wet method sericite mica
1. The stripping and flaking off by wet process, the sheet structure maintenance complete, ratio of diameter to thick is big.
2. Removing sand, the flotation selection and concentration by wet process, the purity of sericite mica is high;
3: Stripping and superfining by wet process, the granularity is thin also the scope of size controls narrow;
4. De-iron and bleaching by wet process, whiteness of product enhances above 10% than dry process.

We are the leading supplier of high-grade sericite mica in commercial quantities for varied needs from welding electrodes,plastic rubber,coating through to cosmetics.

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