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It is one kind of clay minerals with chain-layer molecular structure. Its mineral molecular forma is Si12MgO3(OH)6(OH2)4 • 6H2O with different color like white, greyish white, light red, light green , soil yellow. Sepiolite has three basic characteristics as follows:

1.   Adsorption and decoloring capacity

Sepiolite has large specific surface and so it can absorb a large amount of water or polar matter. In natural state, it can absorb 200—300% water of its weight. The higher sepiolite composition, the stronger its decoloring capacity is.

2.   Fluidity property

Sepiolite is easy to dissolve in water and other polar solvent and form suspension solution with fluidity and high viscosity.

3.   Catalysis property

Industrial catalyst must have excellent mechanics and thermal steady as well as large specific surface. Sepiolite just meet the characteristic of catalyst. So, as caractlyst or its carrier, it can be used for desulphur, denitrogen, demetal and can carry Co, Ni, Fe, Zn, Cu and other metal elements.

4. Activated sepiolite

The sepiolite is processed through s series of production steps, such as purification, modification and activated. Comparing ordinary sepiolite, activated sepiolite has stronger absorption properties, greater surface. It can absorb a large amount of water or polar matter.


 Main usages


1.   Drilling mud

2.   Feed sepiolite                                                                                 

3. Filler in chemical industry

4   Used in building material industries

With excellent suspension property, it can avoid pigment deposited in storage. As adhesives, it can form suitable viscosity and make coating materials have good appearance, thermal steady, crazing resistance and deformation resistance. Used as floor material and animal litter, it can adsorb poisonous and harmful substance and organic compound to make air to be clarified.

5.   Agriculture sepiolite used in fertilizercarrier of pesticideprotect film of seed.


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