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A member of the mica group is relatively uncommon. It is much rarer than the other members of the mica group.
Chemical formula   KMg3Si3AlO10(F,OH)2 Phlogopite crystals
Physical properties  Color is usually light brown, such as gold color
 Luster is vitreous to pearly.
 Crystal System is monoclinic; C2/m.
 Hardness Mosh: 2.78 - 2.85
 Specific Gravity is approximately 2.9 g/cm3.
 Density: 2.7—2.9
 Associated Minerals include albite, amphibole group, ancylite, calcite and fluorite.
 Heat-, light-, water- and chemicals-resistant;
 High lubricity;
 Insoluble in water;
 Light-reflective;

o Production of concretes and bricks: assures heat insulation properties and strengthening and improves outward appearance;
o Production of paintwork materials, fillings, plasters: to make them mechanically strength, acid-proofness, thermal and humidity change resistance;
o Production of the zinc and metal primers: to increase their adhesiveness, corrosion resistance and the exposed surfaces’ durability;
o In metallurgy – as a component of slag-making mixture;
o Asphalt concrete production- increases durability and adhesiveness, prevents rupture;
o In wires, pipe lines and adhesive substances – for improving dielectric properties;
o In plastics- increases water- and gas tightness, chemical resistance, dielectric properties, makes UV-rays resistant, prevents conglutination when vulcanizing, decreases deformations at high temperatures, saves material resources (stabilizers, PVC etc.), replaces reinforcing fillers;
o Has high lubricity: used as a high-temperature lubricant for molds in plastic and rubber production.


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