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1. Chemical formula is KAl2(Si3Al)O10(OH,F)2
Potassium aluminum silicate hydroxide fluoride.
2. Specification
1—5mm, 20mesh, 40mesh, 60mesh, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh, 400mesh, 600mesh, 800mesh, 1250mesh or as per client’s request
3. Process procedure
There are two different process methods, namely wet ground and dry ground mica powder.
Wet ground procedure include: wash to remove sand – wet grinding – size classing — drying
Wet ground mica has the characteristic of regular shape, smooth surface, higher purity and brightness, lower bulk density and greater ratio of diameter to thickness. It is one kind ideal stuffing material in the rubber plastic and paints.
4. Properties
Muscovite, white mica, has a series of unique properties such as the acid resistance, alkali resistance, chemical stability, heat durability, incombustibility and excellent insulation.
5. Application
It has an increasingly widespread applications in various fields—asbestos substitute products in the building materials trade, extinguishments, welding electrode, plastics, rubber, paint and coatings, electronic products, pearl luster pigment and oil well boring.
Our mica powder, besides above performances, also have high reputation on the velvet of flake surface, big diameter and thickness ratio, strong adhesion strength etc.


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