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China is main origin of Kaolin. Compared with those from other resource. our kaolin is much closer to the theoretical standard kaolin in chemical component and crystal structure.

Kaolin is a naturally-occurring clay mineral which is inert and harmless.

The current application field has extended from papermaking and coatings to rubber, engineering plastics, chemical fiber, ink, etc.



Economical, Easy dispersion, Chemically inert
Aids in rheology/prevents settling
TiO2 extension - fine particle size distribution (psd) & structured types
Available in a variety of particle size and form


Calcined Kaolin

Calcined Kaolin With excellent characteristics of high brightness, high dispersion and high cover rate, Calcined kaolin are widely used in paper, paint, paint, printing ink, refractory, rubber. Various particle size and whiteness available as requested.

Washed Kaolin

This kaolin has been processed through a series of procedures, such as water-washed to remove impurities, magnetic-selected to move iron and spraying drying etc.


Anti-diarrhoea properties
Good suspension characteristics
Soft and non-abrasive
Consistent white color
It fills out the rubber to increase the volume
Strength and rigidity can be improved
Good oil adsorption
High ratio of performance: cost
High level of reinforcement at a low cost
High tear strength
Refractive index of kaolin is similar to rubber
It has a low moisture content (< 1 %)
Fine particle size with very low grit levels
High surface area
Pumps and machinery are not affected
Water-washed kaolin is soft and non-abrasive
Water-washed kaolin has been used very effectively as filler in rubber.



It has characteristics of high aluminum, low iron, low expansion coefficient, strong refractoriness and good thermo-chemistry stability. Available in any range of particle size grading or compositions which are in accordance with customer's demandIt is mainly used in metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, refractory materials and war industry.


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