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Modified calcite powder


Our manufacturer is under strict ISO-9002 quality control. With advanced equipment imported from German and high quality of natural CaCO3 raw materials, complete production procedures are controlled by computer to ensure stability of products. Further, we owe advanced inspection instruments.
Our superfine calcium carbonate is one kind of high-new technique products. It includes two items of unique patent techniques in China


1. Production technique of superfine process
Different from common mechanical milling, our equipment may specialize at polishing surface of particles. By the technique, it makes our products to have small particle size, narrow distribution scope, reasonable product structure.
2. Patent modified technique of surface
Using a series of production steps and equipments, such as chemical bonding, cross-linking, surface coating and other technique, we solve agglomerating problem of superfine powder and activity of surface. It makes the materials more uniform, better fluidity, greater activity of surface, excellent dispersion and wide affinity to various organic chemicals.


Applicatiuon  The modified calcite powders are widely used in PVC pipe products, special-shape PVC products and PE pipe products. It appears excellent function used in ABS, Nylon, modified PP and other engineering plastic. It can improve effectively performance of surface, toughness, tensile strength, impact strength and so it can increase size stability of product. Further, it can reduce largely production cost. It has been used successfully in various high grade of plastic materials, such as refrigerator, TV, computer shell and so on.
According to different modified technology, there are 4 specifications available.

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