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The biotite is black mica, an iron-rich version of muscovite, present black, deep brown, light green, golden yellow or other hue. It takes on pink brown that contain the high TiO2, and green that contains the abundance of the iron, transparent to translucent.


1. Chemical formula K(Mg,Fe2+)3(Al,Fe3+)Si3O10(OH,F)2
Potassium iron magnesium aluminum silicate hydroxide fluoride


2. Physical properties
The biotite takes on luster of glass and interior takes on luster of the pearl .The biotite show luster of semi-metal, flake has elasticity. Through microscope see what is showed snuff color or green. Rigidity ( hardness):2-3; Specific gravity:3.02-3.12.


3. Application
Biotite is used in a variety of ways. It is usually ground up and added to other things such as paint, waterproofing sealers, and lubricants, or greases. Since biotite is fireproof, it is also used in fire extinguishers. The slice of biotite is usually used to make padding material of architecture 


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