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powder, in white , is a kind of important mineral containing barium. It has many advantages, such as strong chemical inet, good stablility, acid and alkali proof, high density, moderate rigidity, high whiteness, absorb in harmful rays (X ray and Y ray), no poison and no magnetism. It is widely used in the fields of chemistry, paint, rubber, glass, paper, pottery and medicine etc. According the latest statistics, barite powder has more than 2000 kinds of uses.

In dope and paint, barite powder can be used as thr filler and can take thr place of some expensive materials such as barium sulphated precipitated, titanium dioxide etc. in the manufacture of paint, it can control the viscosity of the paint compatibly to make the products with bright color and luster, good stability.
In plastic industry, barite powder can be used as the filler of plastic ABS or make the products with bright color and luster. It can also improve the intensity, stiffness and abrasive resistance.
In rubber industry,
the product less than 28um can be used as the filler of rubber products. It can reduce cost and improve intensity,. It is also acid, alkali and water proof.
In medicine, it can used as barium, meal material for the intestines and stomach reflection, as the filler for plaster to increase the shelf life of the medicine.
In paper making industry, barite powder with high fineness can be used as the filler to white paperboard and coat paper, thus improving the whiteness and percentage of coverage.
In cosmetic, barite powder looks white and gentle, harmless to skin, it can take place of titanium dioxide.
Barite powder can also be used in the manufacturer of pottery.

High whiteness, fineness 320mesh to 2500 mesh available


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