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Activated Calcium silicate


Common name  Natural calcium silicate ( activated )
CAS Registry Number:    13983-17-0
Other Name:  Wollastonite:
Molecular :   (Ca(SiO3))
The product is white powder from natural wollastonite modified on surface by high scientific
technicalization.It is nonpoisonous,taseless and invariable colour during long torrential sunshine.It improves hydrophobicity on surface and enhancement performance .
Rubber  It is widely used in all kinds of rubber products including tyre and cable. Especially used in flank trye and it can improve weather resistan, crack and endurance of the rubber materail and also improve the properties of melting rubber and press-out and doesn't affect vulcanization performance and saves pig rubber and substantially reduces products' cost, We can supply all meshes of surface activated(modified) natural calcium silicate powder.
As a function filler for polymers, Natural calcium silicate improves flexural, compressive and impact strength. It also enhances electrical insulating properties, increases heat distortion temperature, adds fire resistance, improves machinability and dimensional stability. In the compounding of plastics, wollastonites low plasticiser absorption, high brightness and opaqueness result in lowered polymer and pigment demand. Low viscosity at high loadings can reduce mold cycle time.
Wollastonite’s compatibility with organic polymers is enhanced with surface or chemical treatment with surface coupling agents. This further improves wollastonite dispersion and wetting; mineral-polymer bonding; mechanical and electrical properties. Wollastonite is used in such things as thermosetting plastics including phenolic molding compounds, epoxies, polyurethane, polyurea, BMC polyester and friction products; thermoplastics such as polypropylene, nylon, polyester, polycarbonate, and other engineering plastics and alloys
Special grades with a high aspect ratio are used in the plastics industry for improving the stiffness and flexural strength of polyamides, saturated polyesters and polypropylene.
In crosslinked polymers such as polyurethane, phenolic and epoxy resins, needle-shaped wollastonite is used to improve the mechanical properties. In unsaturated polyester resins, wollastonite can replace a proportion of the glass fibres
Natural calcium silicate powder is used in paints in place of partial titanium dioxide 10—30%. In coatings, fine acicular particles of natural calcium silicat act as a good flattening agent and allow paint to settle out after application to produce a dry film of uniform thickness, and the interlocking particles improve toughness and durability of the coating with excellent tint retention, scrub, and weather resistance. High brightness and whiteness reduce pigment load and typically very low oil absorption, reduces the volume of binder required and contributes to reduced pigment costs. As noted earlier, wollastonite can also act as a pH buffer for improved in-can paint stability over long periods of time. The acicular structure and alkaline nature of wollastonite also make it an ideal auxiliary pigment in industrial coatings and primers for improved corrosion resistance.
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