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Nano Calcium Carbonate                
Nano superfine active calcium carbonate particle size is small, the distribution of narrow, high activity, has excellent functionality, can be widely used in coatings, sealants, paints, rubber and other industries, the performance indicators have reached international advanced level.
Nano PCC for sealant
Features: Nano PCC after surface treating is of narrow particle size distribution, large surface area, lower oil absorption and water volume. In developed countries, nano PCC has become the main raw materials in reactive adhesive, hot melt adhesive, chloroprene rubber adhesives, water-based adhesives and sealants because of its reducing costs a lot and increasing bonding performance.
Nano PCC for ink    Features: Nano PCC ,which coated with resin acid,30-50 nm in average size,used in ink industry, can provide viscosity, printing performance ,high stability and easily compatible with other materials , makes the printed matter smooth, dot integrity and strong hiding power.
 Special reinforcing agent for rubber  it is of ultra-fine particles, large surface area, and coated with composite. It can make rubber mix and disperse easily, and the mixing rubber is softer, whose extrusion processability and flowability of model can be improved; The mixing rubber has good mobility, smooth vulcanized rubber surface, large elongation, high tensile strength, small permanent deformation, good flexible flexion resistance and high tear strength.
 Nano PCC for coating
Features: The use of nano PCC in the coatings industry has been developed into a major trend in recent years, making the coating delicate, uniform, quick-drying, and excellent optical properties. Compared with the commonly used lithopone, nano PCC has smaller surface tension and stronger hiding power because of its stronger adsorption ,surface chemical properties and highly decentralized nature. Nano PCC as a filler in coating reduces the liquid cohesion, makes surface coating smooth and has excellent texture.
 Nano PCC for food
For its high purity, excellent dispersion, superior anti-settle ment performance, solubility, easily absorption, excellent taste and ultra-low impurity content,it is widely used in food, pharmaceuticals and other fields.AS alkaline agents, nutritional supplements, dough regulator, firming agent, yeast nutrients, anti-caking agents, osteoporosis drugs, chewing gum additives and modifiers, it is particularly suitable for the calcium-fortified health food products, tablets, capsules etc.
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