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Chemical name of Gypsum is called as calcium sulfate, divided into Gypsum powder, anhydrous gypsum powder, β-semi-aquatic gypsum powder, di-hydrate gypsum. Gypsum is used extensively in the building , paper. food and beverages , pharmaceuticals and other industries.
Architectural gypsum powder
 It is of the power-shaped cementing material with β calcined gypsum as the main content.
Light weightgood resistance of noise and thermal
Quick cementation, quick rise of intensity

Particular “breathing” function to improve living quality

Excellent fire-resistance, safe living

Green material without toxin, odor and other pollution

Dehydrating upon heating up, paste forming upon drinking, stiffening upon hearting up again.
Material of the plasterboard, painting gypsum, gypsum plaster, gypsum mixed plaster, gypsum blockvarious gypsum wallboard, ceiling, ornamental acoustic board, cement adding material and other decorating material
Wall plaster
Wall plaster, a kind of green, efficient, energy saving plastering material for the interior wall and ceiling, is a new kind of architecture decoration material.
Fire-proof, noise and heat insulation
Setting room temperature automatically
with “breathing” function.
Strong adhesive capacity.
Short construction period.
Environmental protection without radiation, toxin and other polution.

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