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Diatomite is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of the skeletons of a very common type of marine plankton - diatoms. Diatoms are tiny plants that float near the ocean surface. Their skeletons are composed of silica (silicon dioxide), a very durable substance. Since diatom skeletons are highly porous, diatomite is extremely light in weight, and pure samples make excellent water filters. The natural diatomite earth , have exceptional qualities, as low density, chemical inertness, high specific surface and high porosity. Their unique properties mean that our products are sought after in many applications, particularly as filtration aids and functional fillers


Filtration aids

It is used in Beer, Chemicals, Edible Oils, Foods, Fruit Juices , Liquid Wastes , Pharmaceuticals, Sweeteners, Water, Wine.

Fuctional fillers

Diatomaceous padding
Diatomite functional padding applied for dope of external (interior ) wall
In the dope, diatomaceous unique lacunaris granule structure can make the smooth coat coarse and regulate the cohesion of the coat and base level. Besides, diatomaceous cellularity can make the oil paint dry quickly.
Glue industry can be paddled with diatomite
The diatomaceous granule structure make it to be the material of polysilicone rubber and mechanical rubber and replace charcoal black partially.
Pesticide industry
The advantage using diatomite as pesticide: PH value is neutral, innocuity, strong sorption, blotter rate is 135%, fineness is 325-500, heat preservation, prolonging period of validity, fosteraging crop growth.
Complex fertilizer industry
Complex fertilizer for fruit tree, vegetable, flowers and grass. The advantage of using diatomite: strong sorption, light unit weight , neutral PH value, promoting the growth of crop.
Plastic industry
Advantage for using diatomite: good extensibility, big impact strength, impact strength, tearing strength. 、compressive strength and wear resistance.
Paper making industry
The advantage for using diatomite: soft constitution,120-1200 fineness, light weight, high strength, avirulence, reducing extending, improve clarity, increase filtrating speed.
Painting industry
Oil paint for furniture, architectural coating, household appliances paint, pitch, auto paint.
Feedstuff industry:  Paddling for feedstuff for pigs, chook, ducks, goose, fish, birds.
The advantage of using diatomite: neutral PH value, strong sorption, equality, promoting the domestic animal and poultry's digestion, discharging their bacteria, strengthening their muscles and bones. Improving fish's survival rate.
Polishing and attrition industry  
Polishing the brake disk, armor plate, lumber, furniture, glass and mirror.s
The advantage for using diatomite: soft constitution, strong lubrification, fineness is 120-1200.
Leather and leatheroid industry:Leatheroid goods, all kinds of leather.
he advantage for using diatomite: strong shining resistance, soft constitution, disinfecting leather.
Daily chemical industry   It can be used as palling for dentifrice and cosmetics.
Building materials industry
It can be used as material of diatomite insulating brick, micropore calcium silicate, calcium silicate panel, and it can also be used as paddle for bituminous pavement modifier and cement.
Ceramics industry: It can be used as materials for micropore filtrate ceramics


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