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High performance Titanium boron Aluminum grain refiners for the world aluminum industry
 The control of grain size in wrought alloy manufacture is critical to the world's aluminum industry. We has developed and manufactures a wide range of specialized, highly effective TiBAl grain refiners
Specification available
AlTi5B1, AlTi5B0.6, AlTi5B0.2,,AlTi3B1 or as per client’s requirement
Product form
Master alloys are available in a variety of forms:
Rod measures 9.5mm in diameter and is provided in layer wound coils weighing190kg.Internal diameter of the coil is 360mm,height 250mm; outer diameter is 760mm.Packed three–190kg coils per pallet. Coils are covered with polyethylene sleeve to the pallet.
Waffle measure about 45x230x460mm and approximately 7.7kg. Ingot weight varies with alloy. Packed 1135-1600kg per wood pallet, steel strapped and plastic shrink-wrapped.
Castcut measure 130x30x25mm and weight approximately 0.28kg packed in 250kg in wooden crates.
Used in the production of high quality aluminum alloys. By adding AlTiB, an equiaxed, fine grain structure with improved homogeneity is generated in the cast alloy, resulting in enhanced properties of the product.

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