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Composite Titanium White Pigment

Select inorganic powder as basic raw material (inner nucleus). The inorganic powder has similar outlook structure, the grain-size distribution as well as reaction activity with titanium dioxide. Take TiO2 as coated material, applies a series of high-new techniques, such as modification compound preparation, coating film, powder uniforming and so on, through superfine, hydroxylation transformation of surface and mechanical power chemical action but becomes new compound white pigment. Comparing common titanium dioxide, this GR composite titanium white pigment has almost same or similar functions and properties but at lower price. The new type of composite titanium white pigment has approximate physical and chemical properties thus thus has the properties of titanium dioxide pigment. Used in the coating, may obtain same technical performance as the titanium oxide powder, also lower production cost in great scope. Its production and application of GR compound titaninum white pigment are the effective way to solves shortage of titanium dioxide resources, reduce the environmental pollution and raises utilization ratio of the titanium dioxide.
Its production technique and application effect have been identified by expects from the Committee of Bejing Science and Technology and approved as high-new Technique products to catch up with advanced international level. The product is evaluated as high-new technique product in Anhui province


Processed Procedure card of GR composite titanium dioxide

Characteristic Of Products:


1. Coated equipment and technique reach international advanced level.
2. Surface of composite titanium white pigment appear completely the same properties with crystal TiO2. Thus, it has similar or the same properties as common pure TiO2, such as oil absorption, whiteness, coverage power and others.
3. Comparing with common pure TiO2, our composite titanium white pigment has better particle size distribution, dispersion effect and adaptability
4. Reduce largely production cost than common pure TiO2.
5. There is no pollution during production procedure.


GR composite titanium white pigment may be widely used in ink, coating and paints. It can improve performance of coatings, lower substantially material cost in coating production.

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