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Attapulgiteclay, a naturally occurring mineral, is a crystalline hydrated magnesium aluminum silicates. Its typical molecular formula is Mg5Si8O20(OH)2(OH2)4.4H2O, It has a unique three dimensional chain structure and a special needle fiber crystal mould, boasting of it unusual GelAtta and AttaSorb quality. The GelAtta attapulgite is a famous thickener, deflocculant, binder element, stabilizer, flow aid and thixotropic agent. It can be used for paint, daub, ink, resin, grease, adhesives, putty, cosmetics, liquid fertilizer, granule fertilizer, molecular sieve, decoration board, plastics, rubber, mud for well drilling, etc. It also sees its application as decolorizing agent, clarification, absorbent for medicine, AttaSorb for cat litter, supports for agricultural pesticide, catalytic agent, oil refining addition agent, and in sewage treatment and effluent gas filtration.

Attapulgite products are excellent thixotropic thickening agents for water-borne and solvent systems in paint, adhesives, sealants, foundry coatings and other liquid products. Thixotropy allows materials such as paint, adhesive, caulk and ink to spread easily when rolled, sprayed or brushed, and then stiffen at a controlled rate. And GelAtta thickeners are perfect for these types of applications. For example, GelAtta thickeners offer rapid dispersion and effective thixotropic thickening in paints and coatings. In adhesives, caulks, sealants and wallboard compounds, GelAtta thickeners provide sag resistance, viscosity control, spreadability and excellent feathering at low cost. They also build excellent thixotropic characteristics in asphalt cutbacks and emulsions.


Attapulgite products provide
Thixotropic viscosity build Liquid separation control
Pigment suspension Sag resistance
Good film build Reduced water sensitivity
Improved tint strength/hiding in paints Bacteria and chemical resistance
Spatter resistance Cost-effective rheology profile
Excellent binding and tabletting features Improved extrusion properties


Attpulgite application

Bleaching Earth
Fuller's Earth
Attapulgite Cat Litter
Anti-Salt Drilling Mud
Attapulgit Clay Desiccant
Attapulgite Clay Adsorbent
Pharmaceutical grade attapulgite


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